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When you have identified a residential course that fits your requirements, contact International Capacity Developers by telephone, fax, sms or email for additional information.

It is of vital importance that you furnish us with all your details for this enables us to properly arrange for your stay in the kingdom. In parallel several other processes should be started as necessary

• Passport application (if needed)
• Visa application
• Scholarship application
• Check air travel routes and availability

A letter of admission will be sent straight to you and an invoice showing the course fees if acceptable. Please do not set out for International Capacity Developers if arrangements to cover the cost of your course are not finalized.

Consultancy and Research

ICD has traditionally conducted consultancy projects in the BLS countries but, in recent years, these services have been used throughout the SADC region. The expertise available from ICD is extensive, covering a broad range of subject areas. The consultancy programme aims at bringing the skills and knowledge of our faculty together with the needs and objectives of our clients.

Based on our contact with officials of the SADC region in the generic training programme and our involvement in consulting projects, our consultants have developed a unique knowledge of management concerns in all sectors of the economy.

This background knowledge, along with our experience in diverse areas of management and operations, enable us to provide relevant and high quality consulting and research services to our clients.
The expertise and experience of our team of professional consultants places us in a unique position to provide clients with effective, results-orientated process consultation, collaborative planning, follow-up and evaluation. ICD has accumulated half a decade of hands-on experience in managing change.  ICD has offered a lot of training and consultancy expertise for the public sectors, private sector as well as the NGO group of the SADC region.

ICD 300 Management Development Programme (MDP)
ICD 301 Result-Oriented  Management (ROM)
ICD 302 Conflict Management
ICD 303 Strategic Research and Development (R&D) 
ICD 304 Management & Supervision Skills Training
ICD 305 Strategic Management (SM)
ICD 306 Leadership Skills for Women Supervisors
ICD 307 Leadership Development Programme (LDP)
ICD 308 Management Skills for District/Municipal
ICD 309 Design & Implementation of Performance Management Systems
ICD 310 Modernizing Human Resources Management
ICD 311 Advanced Human Resource  & Development Programmes
ICD 312 Employee Benefits & Salary Administration
ICD 313 Managing the Training & Development Function
ICD 314 Industrial Relations
ICD 315 Career Management & Employee Development
ICD 316 Modernizing Human Resource Management  Development
ICD 317 The Balanced Scorecard
ICD 318 Advanced IT Control & Security
ICD 319 Managing Information Technology
ICD 320 Advanced Data and Records Management
ICD 321 Records & Information Management
ICD 322 Systems Analysis & Design
ICD 323 Website Design, Development & Publishing
ICD 324 Management Information Systems (MIS)
ICD 325 Geographical Information Systems(GIS) 
ICD 326 Advanced Information Technology  for Managers
ICD 327 Information Technology For Accountants and Auditors 
ICD 328 IT for Executive Assistants and Senior Secretaries
ICD 329 Database Management Systems (DBMS)
ICD 330 Knowledge Management
ICD 331 Windows 7 Operating System
ICD 332 Advanced Project Management
ICD 333 Project Management
ICD 334 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
ICD 335 Advanced Monitoring And Evaluation of Development Projects
ICD 336 Investment Analysis & Management of Projects
ICD 337 Advanced Project Formulation And Feasibility Studies
ICD 347 Policy Formulation, Analysis & Development
ICD 348 Corporate Governance
ICD 349 Governance, Gender & Change Management
ICD 350 Combating Fraud in Government, Business & Civil Society Organisations
ICD 351 Strategic & Organisational Consideration in Corruption Control
ICD 352 Fraud Prevention and Detection Techniques
ICD 353 Managing Operation in the fight against Corruption Strategies
ICD 354 Ethics Management & Anti-Corruption Strategies
ICD 355 Project Management Approach to Corruption & Fraud Investigation
ICD 356 Ethics, Accountability & Corruption Prevention
ICD 357 Procuring, Logistics & Supply Chain in  Medicals
ICD 358 Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Projects
ICD 359 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
ICD 360 Health Administration and Management
ICD 361 Psycho-Social Counseling Skills
ICD 362 Community Based Natural Resources  Planning and Management
ICD 363 Forest Sustainability and Land Use  Management Programme
ICD 364 Biodiversity Protection and Ecosystem Management
ICD 365 Environmental Management Systems  and Auditing Programme
ICD 366 Works Procurement and Management  of Consultants
ICD 367 Stores & Inventory Management
ICD 368 Road Transport, Fleet Operations Maintenance & Management
ICD 369 Supply Chain Management
ICD 370 Procurement, Contracts & Tendering  Management
ICD 371 Public Asset Management
ICD 372 Effective Logistics & Supply Management
ICD 373 International Protocol
ICD 374 Professional Etiquette Training
ICD 375 Effective Communication Skills Training
ICD 376 Library & Information Management


General Infomation

Our consultants, however, maintain a high level of contact with international specialists to ensure that our services remain at the cutting edge of internationally benchmarked services.

Our major benchmark of success is our work in more than 30 Southern African organisations.

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Management Development Courses
Human Resource Development,HR Best Practices
Information & Communication Technology Programmes
Leadership Development Framework
Project Management Programmes
Governance Programmes
Health Hospital Management Programmes
Environmental,Water& Waste Water Treatment Programes
Procurement, Infrastructure & Transportation
Protocol & Office Ethics
Economics and Finance Programmes
Banking Programmes
Management Analysis & Operational      Auditing
Contract,Leadership & Claim win-Win Settlement & Management
Project Planning Estimating ,Contingency planning
Finance,Merges,Acqisitions,Investment,Management Programmes
Parliamentary And Justice Reform Programmes
Purchasing, Tendering & Logistics Management
Service Delivery And Modernisation Programmes
Safety,Industrial Security Programmes
Mantainance ,Corrosion ,Painting , Industrial Services Programmes
Digitization Of Engineering Drawings & Map, Cad Electronic Document Management System Programmes
Communication Programmes
Management Development,Quality,Leadership Innovation,Tqm,Customer Satisfaction Exceeding Expectation
Policy And Strategic Planning Programmes
Marketing. Business Development & Sales
Electrical ,Renewable Energy,Power Generation & Distribution Programmes
Agricultural Courses


Tuition (US$)

Boarding & Accommodation

1 Week US$3 000 US$ 500

2 Weeks

US$3 500

US$1 000

3 Weeks

US$3 800

US$1 500

4 Weeks

US$4 000

US$2 000

5 Weeks

US$4 200

US$2 500

6 Weeks

US$4 400

US$3 000

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